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Some years ago we wanted to create an android app for our local bike sharing system and found out there was no open data available for us to do so. Other systems around the world had exactly the same problem.

Instead of creating yet-another-app, we created Citybikes, a project that provides bike sharing data for apps, research and projects to use.

To date Citybikes supports more than 400 cities and the Citybikes API is the most widely used dataset for building bike sharing transportation projects.

Who can benefit?

Know how you can use Citybikes


Want to build the next big transportation app? Are you a data scientist, looking for a fresh dataset to research? Maybe you are a data enthusiast, and want to participate on making more information available? We got you covered


Let us help you with your data problem, help us keep this free repository working.

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Because, why not? We started with an android app, and our android app is still out there, helping cyclists all around the world.

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Some of our key features

Open data

We truly believe the only way of making open data a reality is by releasing open data information.

In particular, any project that comes as a result of a public-private partnership should put the data right where it belongs: the public.

+400 cities

Hard work and an amazing community has grown CityBikes from one city to +400. And it will keep growing!


For us, it's always been obvious the only way to build this project and keep it running was with a community supporting it.

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